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Real Estate and Property Marketing Explained

We have been doing Real Estate and Property marketing for a number of years now, and I’m afraid there truly isn’t any magical formula. The overall concept is this: provide lots of information, great pictures, add a video and now we recommend a truly virtual walkthrough experience!

With all the latest advancements with smartphones and action cameras, almost anyone can shoot like a professional. The biggest advice I can offer here – learn HOW to use your device properly. Don’t leave everything on automatic and expect stunning results. Learn what ISO does on your camera, what f-stop works best, using RAW and HRD, etc. You will be amazed at how much those simple things make a huge difference in your end result. So, what is the one big thing?  The one big secret to every great photo?

The one big thing is your composition, and your composition is the way in which you frame up your picture.  Get this wrong, and your photo cannot be recovered.  Get it right, and you have a winning photo.

Great compositions don’t require expensive gear, technical knowledge, or even post-processing.

There are six main rules of composition that I rely on for all my photos.  And they are:

1. Reflections
2. Leading lines
3. Balance and symmetry
4. Foregrounds
5. Framing
6. Rule of thirds

But just simply knowing these six rules is not enough.  You need to know how to stack the rules of composition (combine them) and use them to create storytelling through your photos.

As for finishing touches for your photographs, always look into editing, or post-processing, after your shots are taken. A professional can edit photographs relatively quickly and usually at a minimal cost. This will also make your finished images much better than most others out there.

For video – there’s no secret that drones are the future in Real Estate marketing. There isn’t anything more visually stunning than offering your listing with a smooth, edited, 4K video to showcase a property.

Showcasing Real Estate and Property in our New Normal

Finally, especially now in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, investigate 360° walkthroughs. Most smartphones are capable of recording a reasonably decent walkthrough, stitched together by a third party hosting site like Matterport or iStaging. For the best results, you absolutely want to reach out to a seasoned professional who will shoot your virtual images in 4K or even 5.7K. The difference here is noticeable and staggering!

As always, if you need help and advice, or want to hire us to look at your site, we’d be more than happy to do so! Drop us a line at or reach us through our secure contact form on our website.

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