January 22, 2023

Optimization is vital!

Designing Code

Perhaps one of the most common things we run into is working with people that have great-looking websites, but they simply don’t work very well. In that, I mean that they are pretty and engaging, but they lack the robust back-end products that make the site actually WORK for them. Poorly written titles and content, poor SEO performance, and little to no security. In a nutshell – NO OPTIMIZATION.

That’s way more common than you think!

Optimization for your site is crucial to making your site work well. Having a great site but not having it easily found by others just doesn’t work. So, instead of throwing money at paid ads on Facebook, Google Ad Words, or other avenues, the first thing we always recommend is auditing your site for optimization!

We offer a free service (yup, you read that right – absolutely no charge) to review your site and give you a breakdown of any areas of improvement you should be looking into. If there are a number of things to correct, a web developer (someone like us for example) can certainly fix these things for you.

We currently offer a monthly service to handle exactly this. Monitoring your site daily for changes, updates, corrections, resubmissions to search engines, SEO services, and more! This service can be done month to month, or on a longer contract basis, depending on your specific needs.

What do we actually do?
We add a number of products to your site that help with the following common issues:

  • Image Optimization
  • Website Security
  • Full Website Backups
  • Code Cleanup
  • SEO
  • PageSpeed and loading times
  • Proper Site Indexing and more!

Packages start at only $ 98.00!

As always, reach out anytime by using our contact form and we will happily investigate what we can do to help!