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Creative Media is what we do!

Web Design

Website Design

We love websites! Our expert designers can create truly amazing websites to help you showcase you, your company, your products, and your services.
Graphic Arts


Our team is passionate about visual communication and has helped our clients create some truly remarkable products. We use the very latest in professional digital media solutions.
Real Estate Services

Real Estate Services

We offer special packages for professional Realtors® across Southern Alberta. Check out our incredible offers!
Drone Work

Drone Work

Fully licensed and insured, our professional drone pilots are skilled in capturing views that traditional cameras simply cannot.

Local Digital and Media Specialists,
We do drone work too!

Fully licensed and insured, we help create stunning videos for our clients.

Blue Pixel Media specialized in all aspects of visual communications. We love graphics and media projects! You will be amazed at the types of things we can capture using RPAs. From events, promotions – even digital mapping and 3D modeling – there are thousands of uses for expert drone pilots. If you pardon the pun, the sky is the limit!

Excellent Customer

AUDREY TESARSKI / CoResource Solutions Inc.

We originally starting working with Chris Konanz from Blue Pixel Media for a number of our corporate Digital Marketing requirements.

As our business has expanded over the past year, we have had various increasing requirements for digital marketing and IT services. We quickly recognized that because of Chris’s expansive Marketing skills and IT knowledge, we could work with him directly, the end result being his knowledge and creativity has solved many of our needs from website design, logo creation/design standards, trade show booth concepts/design, and complete corporate office network design set up and support.

For every project Chris has undertaken, he has provided service and results above and beyond our expectations with a professional business acumen and a willingness to take on any challenge. At CoResource Solutions, all our employees in our Calgary office are happy to work with Chris and appreciate him for all he contributes to the success of our business.

JEFF HOPPER / National Realty

I highly recommend Chris and the team at Blue Pixel Media. They did some amazing presentations for us which helped secure some large clients. Their efforts have helped our company immensely! The team had created our company logo and designed a full branding package for us. We are extremely happy with the results! The process was simple and smooth; we were in the loop the entire time and we were guided and assisted with making decisions rather than being told what was “right”.

Since our first meeting, we knew the team at Blue Pixel Media were people we really wanted to work with. They have created a number of websites for us, launched a few new businesses, and created some really incredible logos and graphics.

Do yourself a favour – reach out to them. You will not be disappointed!

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Website Optimization
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