Cochrane Tourism

Case overview

The team at Cochrane Tourism approached us in 2018 to give them a hand with a few website updates. After we reviewed their current site, we made a number of recommendations to increase traffic, streamline their design and help engage their website visitors.

Cochrane Tourism Giving Directions
Cyclists in Cochrane

The Brief

In 2018, Cochrane Tourism was experiencing growth and success with their existing platform. They were seeing just over 55,000 visitors a year on their site (just over 4,600 a month). This was good, but with sharing stories and experiences about our amazing community, we knew we could do more!

Panorama of Cochrane

Our Approach

During the past five years working with Cochrane Tourism, we have grown together and developed a host of products and services that are still in place today. We helped launch the Open & Safe Campaign after the global pandemic – including filming and producing a number of videos promoting some outstanding local businesses. 

We then embarked on the creation of the Explore Cochrane App. We created promotional materials, videos and social media posts that made this one of the most successful product launches in our history.

Cochrane Tourism App Poster
Cochrane Tourism Backpack
Cochrane Tourism Magazine

The Results

As we continue to work with Cochrane Tourism, we are extremely proud of the results we are getting! Last year, their site saw over 114,800 visitors!


Increase in website sessions


Increase in page views


Increase in website visitors