Case Overview

Cochrane Historical & Archival Preservation Society in Cochrane, Alberta is a local non profit organization dedicated to preserving the heritage of our community. Tourism within the Cochrane area has exploded over the past number of years, and the dedicated members of CHAPS have taken on a number of impressive projects to showcase the history of Cochrane and the surrounding area.

The challenge was to assist CHAPS by employing the latest in digital technologies to help increase their awareness and draw more visitors to the impressive Cochrane Historical Museum

Historic Cochrane
Historic Cochrane Train Station

The Brief

Lydia Graham, then Mayor of Cochrane and Anne Richardson, an interested resident of the town, instigated the idea of establishing an historical association in Cochrane. In July of 1999 a meeting was held at which time the name of the group, Cochrane Historical & Archival Preservation Society, was decided upon. By the end of July, 1999 CHAPS received its corporate number making it an official Society. In August of 2007, CHAPS became an official charitable organization.

While staying true to the dynamic and varied history of the community, CHAPS wanted to explore the utilization of new technology to provide their visitors with a more engaging and dynamic experience.

Cochrane Historic Museum image
Plaque in Chaps Museum
Historic Cochrane Aerial Image

Our Approach

After a number of meetings with the Museum Board, we were honoured to be chosen as a local provider to assist them in producing some engaging and dynamic content to bring further awareness to the local museum.

We spent a day filming on location and created an interactive virtual tour, complete with voice over commentary and informative articles from the volunteers that are dedicated to keeping our local history alive.

The Results

The team at Blue Pixel Media could not be more proud of the virtual tour we created for them, and we thoroughly enjoyed the time we got to spend at this incredible historic location!

After our initial project, we continued to work with the board to digitize a video provided to us about the Charity Cattle Drive that ended right here in Cochrane, with proceeds going towards the building of the iconic Cochrane Ranche House, our local municipal building.

As our relationship continues to grow, we know are in the midst of an exciting new project set to unveil this spring – 3 digital and interactive display screens at the museum to highlight a number of local historic stories! Stay tuned!